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Indian Motorcycle logga

Catrine är stolt ambassadör för Indian Motorcycles

Behind the work

Catrine likes to tell stories. Behind each work is of course a thought, sometimes longer stories. At an exhibition you see the finished work - but often it is more interesting to know how and perhaps why the result turned out the way it did. The sketches, the drawings, everything behind. "I saw an exhibition about Jörn Utson, the architect behind the Sydney Opera House, on Louisiana a number of years ago and was greeted by photographs of flying seagulls. The connection to his design thinking was so clear!”

As always when she starts an exhibition, the sketchpad comes out. For example. after the break-in she had in her studio, which made her so angry and pissed off that she completely threw out drawings, sketches, texts, etc. That was the basis for the exhibition Behind Bars, “I became obsessed next with knowing what the thieves looked like. I sketched and tried to look for the sneaky image,” says Catrine. In that vein, she began her research on people who were inside - thieves simply. But it was too depressing. Throughout her exhibitions, there is a theme and where both humor and seriousness have a place. Instead, she looked for people who were inside for various reasons. Another example that a couple of the pictures here show is preparations for the Audi exhibition - everything starts with a long sketching process. "You have to go through a lot, everything has to come out, a personal brainstorming where everything is possible and finally peeled off to hopefully become the material for an exhibition," says Catrine Näsmark.

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Arbete innan konstverket

Att måla en tavla

Hur lång tid tar det att måla en tavla?

Det är den vanligaste frågan Catrine brukar få, i videon intill försöker hon att svara på den.